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How to Shine Laminate Floor

Are you proud to own a house with a laminate floor but you are facing challenges of bringing out that shine and brightness as it should be? Do you always experience this dull, streaked, or hazy appearance after cleaning it?

Don’t worry. There is a solution to that.

When your laminate floor lacks to shine, you will be missing out one of the essential qualities of this type of a floor which is to add quality to your floor décor. The streaks and the hazy appearance will cover the decorative illumine prints that add beauty to your floor.

To change this appearance, you need to learn how to shine your laminate floor. Here are a few pointers that will help you out.

4 Pointers to Shine Your Laminate Floor

Instead of blaming it on the solutions or the tools as many do, learn where you go wrong. You will be surprised to know out that the problem lies on that trivial thing you always missed to do as we explain.

#1 – Use a Door Mat on the Entrance

Make your visitor fee welcome by adorning your threshold with a doormat that has beautiful prints or even a ‘welcome’ print on it. Have a mat on your doorway will not only be a part of your floor décor but also a polite way of asking anyone entering the house to wipe their feet on the mat.

By doing that, you will reduce the amount of dirt brought in by shoes or feet.

#2 – Vacuum Cleaning or Dust Mopping Regularly

The top of the list for a hazy laminate floor is a highly trodden or high traffic floor that hardly gets dust mopping or vacuum cleaning. Despite looking unsightly dull, the laminate floor can be at a high risk of scratches from the grit that come by shoes.

Using the right laminate floor vacuum cleaner or a microfiber dust mop, sweep it regularly as a first step to making it shine.

Sweeping the floor once a week should be enough to make it shine and also to ensure you form a routine. Nevertheless, if you experience high traffic on your floor, it is up to you to make that wise decision when to sweep it.

#3 – Regular Damp Mopping

Form another schedule for damp mopping your floor such as every other week. Remember, a laminate floor is an enemy to moisture and therefore you don’t want to expose it to too much of it.

Use a damp microfiber mop or pad but not a wet one to avoid bubbling or warp your floor.

Avoid using any detergent and also never use fabric softener on your microfiber mop or pad as they contribute to floor streaking or haziness.

If you are to use any cleaner, pick the best hard floor cleaner which you can use on your tiles as well to avoid causing damages. Some of those cleaners can be abrasive. Also, read the care instructions carefully of the solution you intend to use to know how to do it.

The rule of thumb when using floor cleaners – ‘Never be tempted to mix cleaners’ to better your cleaning. Each cleaning solution has different ingredients, and mixing them can either damage your floor or leave streaks.

#4 – Wipe Liquid Spills Immediately

Wipe any spilled liquid immediately and then clean the spot using either a damp cloth or spraying a cleaner.

Some liquid spills can stain your floor and the more reason to wipe immediately. Another reason for immediate action on liquid spillages is to prevent damaging your floor by warping or bubbling.

Sweep dry spillages to prevent anyone stepping on them which can dirty or scratch your floor.


Always remember that a laminate floor is different from other solid floors, and thus you have to be careful in everything you do to it. If you are keen to care for it, you will extend its life and therefore give you the best value for your money.