How to Maintain a Hardwood Floor – Polyurethane Finish

Hardwood flooring is a considerable investment that would require all that you can to care and maintain it. Its appearance and durability will depend on how you manage it.

There are various ways to maintain a hardwood floor. However, to be precise on how to manage it, you must first be sure of the type of finish. Run a test to check.

Use on an inconspicuous area of your floor to run the test. Drib a little bit of water on the selected place. You will know that it is polyurethane if the water will remain on top. If the water soaks into the floor, it is wax-coated.

Here are some essential points to consider while maintaining a polyurethane-finish hardwood floor.

7 Essential Tips to Maintaining Polyurethane-Finish Hardwood Floor

While you have these tips up your sleeves, they will help you maintain your floor to its original brand new appearance always while extending its durability.

#1 – Sweeping

Use a one of the best hardwood floor brooms or a hardwood vacuum cleaner to sweep the floor. You will need to do this as often as you notice some dirt and grit. With a high-traffic, it will have to be frequent since it will get dirtier quickly.

Be careful when selecting a vacuum cleaner as some of them are meant for other types of floors and may damage your floor. For instance, a beater bar vacuum cleaner is intended for carpets and rugs and can ruin your hardwood floor if you unknowingly use it.

#2 – Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is essential to give your floor a lift and remove dirt and grime buildup. For better results, get yourself the best hardwood floor cleaner that will seem best to use. Use a hardwood floor mop, spray mop, or a microfiber pad.

Some cleaning solutions would require squirting just a bit on the floor as you wipe. Others will require mixing with water. Just be careful to follow instructions to avoid ruining your floor.

You can deep clean once a month if you have high traffic or once in a couple of months as you deem best.

#3 – Polishing

Polishing your floor is another routine task you must form if you want a glossy shining floor. At one time, your hardwood floor will have noticeable scratches which would make it appear old and drab. But, polishing it using the best hardwood floor polish once in a while would hide the wear and tear marks and scuffs to be invisible.

Some surface areas where sunlight hits directly will have color tone different to others hidden from the light. Polishing will not only create a glossy shining floor but will also even out the color tone.

#4 – Shades

Use shades on your window where there is direct sunlight hitting the floor to protect it against fading and losing its original color

#5 – Doormats

Use doormats both outside and inside the door to prevent your surface from collecting grit from people’s shoes. It is the most significant contributor to floor scratches. Moreover, your floor will keep clean for longer.

#6 – Repositioning Furniture and Rugs

Reposition rugs and moveable furniture to even the color tone of your floor as it ages. Leaving them at one place for an extended time will give your floor patches of uneven shades.

Try to lift them as much as possible when moving them. Use protective pads under the legs of furniture to prevent them from scratching your floor, especially when moving them.

#7 – Refinishing

A polyurethane-finish hardwood floor will require rejuvenating or lifting it due to wear and tear from weather elements and human traffic. You will know it is time to take this course of action when all the above fail to restore a glossy shine. Contact your nearest hardwood floor professional for more advice on the same.


Put these care tips to action, and you will keep your hardwood floor well maintained with its original sheen and beautiful always.