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How Long Do Crested Geckos Live?

Crested geckos are popular as one of the most chosen animals as pets nowadays. Crested geckos are small, easy-going, docile and do not cost much. In addition, crested geckos also have a long lifespan like the other big pets such as dogs and cats.

Once you decide to keep a crested gecko as a pet, you won’t be disappointed since it can be a long-term commitment with you and a friend will by your side for decades.

Crested geckos lifespan in the natural

Since crested geckos first re-discovered in 1994, people still do not explore their lifespan in the natural because there are lots of dangers such as disease and predators might come to them.

Crested geckos are believed to live for 4-5 years in the natural and most of them die in the first year. We cannot determine the age of crested geckos after they have grown fully.

Crested gecko lifespan in enclosure

How long do crested geckos live? Under proper care, crested geckos could usually live up to 15-20 years. They can go with you for a long period of your lifetime, about two decades.

So you have to ensure that you are ready to provide them a good condition before you take them home,

A female crested gecko tends to live a shorter life than a male one, this probably due to the effects of breeding on her health.  Although in the captivity your crested geckos would be safer than in the wild since they won’t be exposed to the predator.

However, if the keepers do not know how to properly care for them, or do not give them a good environment with a well-balanced diet, crested gecko may have a risk of decreased lifespan.

Tips for prolonging crested geckos lifespan

Buying your geckos from a reputable breeder or pet shop, so you can ensure that you have the healthy baby gecko and know well about their species.

Feeding your geckos with a well-balanced diet that enough nutrient, vitamin, calcium. Providing fruit and fatty worms just as a treat that not regularly.

Contact the vet whenever your crested gecko gets sick or any health problem.

Never hold your crested geckos by their tail, they can be stress and drop this tail.

Provide them the tank that has enough space for all activities.