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What food can bearded dragons eat?

We all know that bearded dragons are omnivorous lizards, which means they can eat both plant and animal-based proteins. A normal adult bearded dragon should have a diet including 80% fruits and vegetables and only 20% of insects. So what food can bearded dragons eat?

Can a bearded dragon eat apples? Yes, they can eat an apple as long as you peel the skin off and cut the apple into medium pieces for a bearded dragon to eat. Because apples have rich nutrition, free of cholesterol. You just need to remember that do not over-feed apples under-6-month old bearded dragon.

Can a bearded dragon eat spinach? Yes, they can. You should feed them spinach for once or twice per week. Cutting and do not over-feed spinach. It is a high level of Insoluble fiber are contained in spinach which can improve the digestive system.

Can bearded dragons eat bananas? Although beardies love bananas, but bananas are not really good for them. They still can eat bananas for one or twice per month but you should not feed them more than 100 grams at once time. Can baby bearded dragons eat banana? A baby has small stomachs and you should not fill them up by food that less nutritional value.

Can bearded dragons eat bell peppers? May your bearded dragon does not love bell pepper but they are goof supplement for their diet. Due to bell pepper contains lots of water and rich in vitamins.

Can bearded dragons eat boiled eggs? Boiled eggs should not be the main food for bearded dragons. Eggs have a high level of protein so it is may good to feed for baby, not an adult. Can bearded dragons eat hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs? The best way for bearded dragon easy digestive eggs is to cook it to reach a hard-boiled level.

Can bearded dragons eat bread? Absolutely not, this food will expand in bearded dragon stomach and lead come risk of health issues for your pet.

Can bearded dragons eat celery? Yes, the bearded dragon can eat both stalks and leaves of raw celery but you should finely chop the celery before your dragons eat it.

Can bearded dragons eat cat food? This food has been designed for the diet of a cat. So bearded dragons cannot it that food. They require different diets.

Can bearded dragons eat dragon fruit? Dragon fruit has much amount of phosphorus and also too acidic for bearded dragons to eat, make them difficult to digest.

Can bearded dragons eat grapes? Grapes contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, high in fiber, which are the good elements of their diet. But this also has a high level of sugar and oxalates therefor this is should not be fed by your pet regularly.

Can bearded dragons eat mushrooms? No, they cannot. Mushrooms have a very disproportionate amount of phosphorus compared to calcium content, which makes it hard to digest.

Can bearded dragons eat oranges? No, they should not eat any oranges. Oranges contain a high level of sugar and acid, which causes the risk of the digestive system.

Can bearded dragons eat potatoes?  You can feed potatoes for bearded dragons but you should be careful because the excessive ratio of calcium and phosphorus is not good.

Can bearded dragons eat raspberries? You can offer them raspberries occasionally because they are rich in vitamin C, K. Can bearded dragons eat strawberries? Like most other fruits, strawberries safe if eating in moderation.

Can bearded dragons eat tomatoes? Bearded dragons can eat tomatoes but not very often, if not they can make your bearded dragon ill.

Can bearded dragons get high? They might get high if you feed them something like weed or some bud. But you should let them avoid these things. That is not a fun high. These things make them disorient, slow down and cause the dead is possible.