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Best sheep clippers: Pet & Livestock vs JEMPET sheep electronic shears

Whether you keep your sheep on a farm of pasture, they need to be sheared the coats not only to keep groomed but also to free from pests, avoid health problems and reduce body temperature.

Especially if you have a large flock of sheep, you will need the best sheep clippers, which help you do this hard work easily, quickly and efficiently.

That’s why we introduce here two popular sheep clippers that can be your right pair: Pet & LIvestock HQ 380W Sheep Shears Electric Clipper vs JEMPET sheep electric shears.

#1 RPM (rotation per minute)

RPM is how many times the blades move per minute. The higher RPM is, the easier and quicker the work accomplish. If you have a larger number of sheep, you should look for a high RPM shear. You are recommended to choose the one that is at least 2400 RPM.

JEMPET sheep shear has 2500 RPM. Pet & Livestock has the same feature of 2500 RPM. They offer the fast speed, shearing many sheep within a brief time. Reducing the stress of sheep when be sheared for along time.

#2 Power

Apart from the RPM, the best sheep shears need to be able to cut seriously thick, tough wool of sheep. And in order to do that, the sheep clipper needs to has a good amount of power. So how powerful the motor is also the important factor should consider when buying sheep clippers.

Both JEMPET and Pet and Livestock HQ sheep shear have 380W of power, which means they are strong enough to shear any overgrown heavy long coats. The strong motors meant that they release less heat, or you will need to take a break in the shearing process to let the clipper cool down.

 #3 Adjustable blades

Ideally, the sheep clipper should have an option to adjust the blade tension. If the blade is too tight, it cannot shear the heavy wool of coats. Adjustable blades will allow you to set the tension, which will create the cut as close as possible.

JEMPET blade is very versatile, the blade tension can be adjusted by the rotatable button helps shearing go smoothly and quickly. Moreover, it offers 1-6 speed control gears. 1-3 gears are slow speed, which makes the sheer easy to use. 4-6 gears will create a high speed, which is suitable for skillful use.

Pet and Livestock HQ also offers the rotatable button at the top of the device, which allows you to adjust the blade tension. Besides, it provides 2 extra skin-safe blades, which prevent jams and burns.

These two spare sets of blades are designed to float the cutting blade safely even on the sensitive skin for smooth shearing.