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How to use the best nail clippers for rabbits?

Rabbits are adorable and fun animals to keep as pets. But since they spend most to all of their time indoors, they do miss out their natural behaviours such as digging and burrowing, which help them trimmed their nails naturally.

Clipping your rabbit’s nails may seem a daunting task if you have no experience. In order to help you easier to trim your rabbit’s nails quickly and effectively, this post is the trimming guide for any rabbit parents.

#1 Restraining Your Rabbit

It is much easier to clip rabbit nails if they are properly restrained. Before cutting, you should actively stroke the rabbit to make him rest his mine and feel he is safe.

You also can carefully stroking rabbits and give some reward cake for rabbits is it is an aggressive rabbit. It is better to wrap your bunny with a towel for reducing movement. Remember that your bunny can still hurt you by their claws if he fell scared.

#2 Clipping the claws

Once you get the best nail clippers for rabbits, you can perform the cut. Raising one led of the rabbits up, carefully examine the claw to locate the vein ( the quick) inside the nail. If you cut the quick of the rabbit claws, it can hurt your pets and it might begin to bleed.

If your rabbit has the bright colored of white, it is easy to identify the quick sich the vein will be red or pick. You just need to cut off the white part of the nail. If your rabbit has darker colored nails, you can use flashlight on the nails to easier identify the quick. Make the cut quickly and neatly with the least movement as possible. You should cut only the tip of each claw and repeat this work for every 4-6 weeks.

If you do accidentally trim the nails too short, you can use the floor of styptic power for stopping the bleed and the cut will heal. You should prepare this powder before cutting.