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Accessories ideas for the best chinchilla cage

Once you get the best chinchilla cage and come to set up the cage, you may got confuse about what are good to add to the cage. If you are having a hard time finding toys specifically for chinchillas or lack of cage equipment, this post may helps you by giving you some accessories ideas.

These following are must have accessories that are safe for your chinchillas. Doing so ensures you are providing the best care possible to your chinchillas.

#1 Best kind of feeders

We recommend that you should purchase on the food bowls to keep the best food for chinchilla that hang on the walls of the cage if your cage do not included. These food bowls are easy to remove to clean and refill. Similarly, the water bottles that hang on the outside of the cage are also ideal to refill water and clean.

Many cages come with the food bowls that sit on the ground, they are very easy to get dirt and also take up the floor space. Not to mention your chinchillas may have a pee on their food bowls.

#2 Chinchilla tunnels

Tunnels are great addition to chinchilla cage. Going through is an activity that your pets would love to enjoy. Not only keep things interesting for your chinchilla, the tunnels also can be use as the shelter place for your chinchillas. It will make a chinchillas feel safe inside; give them a place to hide when they get stress.

#3 Hanging chinchilla chew toy

Any of you who own chinchillas will know that they prefer to play with fun accessories hanging from the cage. It is also the way to promote chewing for chinchillas as well as keep them entertained.

There is a note for you that you should provide safe toys for them to chew such as untreated wooden blocks. Also, check them regularly for hazards.