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What to look for when choosing best carbon steel wok?

Carbon Steel woks are by far the most popular woks which certainly make your life easier. A carbon steel wok is one of the essential products for every kitchen. There is more than one work that carbon steel woks can do such as boiling, pan-frying, steaming, smoking, braising, stir frying, deep frying… Carbon steel is also a durable metal that makes the wok lightweight and pliable.

It will take some serious consideration when choosing the best carbon steel wok. Besides the main function of them, small aspects that also make the difference between the random wok and the wok has been chosen with great care

#1  Design bottom

There are two kinds of carbon steel work’s bottom: flat and round bottoms. Unfortunately, each shape of wok is offer and works perfectly with only one purpose.

If you are using a gas stovetop in your kitchen, then you should buy a wok with round bottoms. In contrast, if you have induction ranges, electric stoves or flat grills, so a flat bottom is a good choice for you

#2 Quality

The most important thing you must consider before buying your wok is how fast this carbon steel pan conducts heat to food! You should consider if it conducts heat well so it heats up quickly and evenly or not?

Otherwise, having a highly durable and long-lasting will make it the best carbon steel wok to buy. If the wok has corrosion free or rust free features, you can use it for a long since.

#3 Worth

You should consider the budget to buy your carbon steel. A quality pan with more function is always good. But if your budget is not too much and just for home use, so consider a wed with a small size and it is better to balance the quality and your budget.

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