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What is the best mice cage’s material?

Once you decide to have a mouse, you definitely need the best cage for mice. Allow a mice running about the house is not safe for them and they could mess your house up. They need and deserve a comfy, cozy, safe home.

Apart from dimension and design, materials is also vital to maximizing their health and comfort over the course of their short lives.

#1 Plastic mice cages

The advantages of plastic cages are that they are lightweight and easily transportable. And the biggest pro of them is they are easy to clean. These cages are low maintenance as you can easy deep clean them.

Moreover, unlike the bigger rodents, however, mice can easily squeeze through even the smallest of spaces and therefore the plastic cage is ideal if you do not want it escape. However, the problem of plastic cage is ventilation. You have to ensure that the plastic cage you choose offers enough hold for terrific ventilation. It is the perfect travel option for your mouse.

#2 Glass Mice Cages

For most mouse parents the best mouse cage is a standard glass aquarium. However, if you decide to use a glass tank, keep in mind that the cage can be cumbersome to move about, depending on the gallon size you choose.

If you choose a glass cage, you need to also purchase a ventilated top to keep your mouse enclosed within the safety of his cage while providing enough air.

Like plastic cage, these cages are easy to clean and do not provide an opportunity for the mice to escape. They are best for homes with other pets since they do not allow access into the cages by other animals.

#3 Wire Mice Cages

These cage are the most common cages among mice owners as they are available at a lower price and have excellent ventilation. Wire cages also allow mice to climb on the sides and enable you to interact with them while they are still inside the cage.

However, you have to careful when choosing this type of cage as the mice can be able to escape from any big gap pf the wire. Ensure that they have the small gap and durable.

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