Best sheep clippers: Pet & Livestock vs JEMPET sheep electronic shears

Whether you keep your sheep on a farm of pasture, they need to be sheared the coats not only to keep groomed but also to free from pests, avoid health problems and reduce body temperature.

Especially if you have a large flock of sheep, you will need the best sheep clippers, which help you do this hard work easily, quickly and efficiently.

That’s why we introduce here two popular sheep clippers that can be your right pair: Pet & LIvestock HQ 380W Sheep Shears Electric Clipper vs JEMPET sheep electric shears.

#1 RPM (rotation per minute)

RPM is how many times the blades move per minute. The higher RPM is, the easier and quicker the work accomplish. If you have a larger number of sheep, you should look for a high RPM shear. You are recommended to choose the one that is at least 2400 RPM.

JEMPET sheep shear has 2500 RPM. Pet & Livestock has the same feature of 2500 RPM. They offer the fast speed, shearing many sheep within a brief time. Reducing the stress of sheep when be sheared for along time.

#2 Power

Apart from the RPM, the best sheep shears need to be able to cut seriously thick, tough wool of sheep. And in order to do that, the sheep clipper needs to has a good amount of power. So how powerful the motor is also the important factor should consider when buying sheep clippers.

Both JEMPET and Pet and Livestock HQ sheep shear have 380W of power, which means they are strong enough to shear any overgrown heavy long coats. The strong motors meant that they release less heat, or you will need to take a break in the shearing process to let the clipper cool down.

 #3 Adjustable blades

Ideally, the sheep clipper should have an option to adjust the blade tension. If the blade is too tight, it cannot shear the heavy wool of coats. Adjustable blades will allow you to set the tension, which will create the cut as close as possible.

JEMPET blade is very versatile, the blade tension can be adjusted by the rotatable button helps shearing go smoothly and quickly. Moreover, it offers 1-6 speed control gears. 1-3 gears are slow speed, which makes the sheer easy to use. 4-6 gears will create a high speed, which is suitable for skillful use.

Pet and Livestock HQ also offers the rotatable button at the top of the device, which allows you to adjust the blade tension. Besides, it provides 2 extra skin-safe blades, which prevent jams and burns.

These two spare sets of blades are designed to float the cutting blade safely even on the sensitive skin for smooth shearing.

Best food for leopard gecko: Josh’s Frogs Waxworms vs Dubia Roaches 500 Small

Leopard geckos are insectivorous reptiles, so their staple food is insects. Anything that wiggles or moves in front of leopard geckos with encouraging them to eat. Due to this, you should provide live insects for leopard gecko.

But what is the ideal leopard gecko food that you should serve your pets? Here are two of the best food for leopard gecko which many keepers prefer to feed their leopard geckos with Dubia Roaches 500 small vs  Josh’s Frogs Waxworms.

#1 Fresh ingredient

Natural, live insects are always contained much higher nutrient content, have better flavor and also encourage hunting instinct, which makes leopard gecko eating more. Fresh food is the best diet for leopard gecko. It has a shorter time of preservative, live insects even can die in the delivery process, but it is absolutely better for your pets than freeze-dried or dehydrated food.

Dubia roaches are expensive and difficult to find. So many keepers who prefer to use it as the staple food for leopard geckos, have to breed these roaches themselves. But if you do not have time for this work, will provide a great source of live dubia roaches for you. It is also a package with extra weight in grams to cover for the dead and undersized roaches.

Josh’s Frogs Waxworm is guarantee live arrival with fast shipping. They are delivered in temperature from 0F to 85F. Ensure that quality waxworms will arrive alive, even when the weather is cold. Live Waxworms are shipped from Monday to Thursday.

#2 Nutrient Value

Nutritional Information of Josh’s Forgs Waxworms are: Moisture 61.73%, Fat 22.19%, Protein 15.50%, Fiber 7.69%, Ash 1.02%, Ca ppm 283, P ppm 2161, CA/P ratio 0.131%.

Due to the high content of fat, It can be a problem if you feeding your geckos primarily waxworms. It is unhealthy and not a balanced diet since eating lots of waxworms can lead to the risk of obesity for your pets.

Waxworms should only be fed to leopard geckos occasionally as treat. When your geckos are anorexia and refuse to eat, you can use waxworms ore mix it with a salad to encourage them it more. Only offer waxworms for once or twice per week max.

Nutritional value of Dubia Roaches for leopard are: Moisture 65.6%, Fat 7.2%, Protein 23.4%, Fiber 2.9%, Ash 1.2%, Ca ppm 800, P ppm 2600, CA/P ratio 0.308%.

Since dubia roaches are high in protein and quite low in fat, dubia roaches not only tasty food but also a healthy diet for leopard geckos. Besides, they also offer high calcium to phosphorus ratio, extremely long lifespan, gut-loads very well, which makes roaches ideal food for leopard geckos.

How to Make a Balloon Arch Stand

For parties, gatherings, celebrations, and other occasions, a balloon archway is a fun and aesthetically pleasing idea to present to guests. To have this fun party decoration for your gatherings, it is important to learn how to make a balloon arch stand and it is not that difficult. To make a balloon arch stand, certain materials and procedures will be needed:

  1. An assortment of balloons, usually of 3 or 4 different colors to make a complementary color palette.
  2. A sketchbook
  3. Material to tie them all together, colorful string, florist wire, curling ribbon, and any light long string-like material is useful.
  4. A method to blow up the balloons.
  5. Nails and nail hooks.

Usually, you should have a few colors picked out as the base color of the arch. Of course, it can be anything you want, it is, however, more visually pleasing to have complimenting colors. It is important as well to understand the few balloon types that could be used. Of the few balloon types, a common type for balloon arch stands is the latex variety. These are common balloons that of course can pop under immense pressure or punctured but for an archway are perfect.

To properly make an arch, you must have a design in mind in terms of size of the arch, angle of arch, and placement of arch in your setting. Here it is proper to make a rough sketch, whether you can draw or not this will still help visual how you want your balloon arch stand to look. This can also help you make adjustments along the way if you don’t like how you’re setting the balloons up.

The balloons themselves will need to be hoisted and tied to a base. This base can be any string-like strong material that can create the structure’s path. This acts at the shape and it is the most important to keep the balloon arch stand the way you want. The balloons can be tied together and then the wire can be wrapped around the tied points to secure the balloons. Make sure to have a lot of wire so that even if you don’t use all of it, you will have it.

An easy way to blow up balloons is to use an automatic air machine that can fill up the balloons very quickly. This, of course, requires additional money to spend but it would save a lot of time. Time to use for better structuring your balloon arch stand. With the addition of a balloon measurement tool, like a piece of cardboard with a hole in it to make sure each balloon is roughly the same size, you can make your stand as good as it can look. You can also manually blow air in but that isn’t an easy way to blow up balloons.

To shape the arch if it is next to a wall, you can insert nails into the wall, and use nail hooks to keep the balloons up. This helps to keep them sturdier as well as keep them in a specific way you would like. Afterward, you can fill in the nail holes with relative ease so it would not cause any lasting damage but it would make an impressive improvement to the structure of your balloon arch stand.

How to Do a Balloon Arch


A balloon arch is a great ornament for any type of party. It can be made with a great variety of materials. Regardless of how different they all look, the process for building them is more or less the same in all cases. In general, the balloons are usually tied by their tails forming groups of four and these are later tied to a structure with the shape of an arch.

Decide What Type of Balloon Arch You Want

#1 Proportions of the Arch

First, you have to define the proportion between the length of the arch, and the size of the balloons. If the arch is too long or the balloons are too small, the arch will be very unstable. In order to build a solid balloon arch that starts on the floor and rises above the height of a person, a good proportion could be a 6-meter-long arch, formed with 9-inch balloons. You will require 120 balloons for this specific type of arch.

#2 Colors of the Balloons

Next, you need to decide what color you want the arch to be. If you want to be in one single color, then you need to buy 120 balloons of that same color. If you want to combine two colors, then you need to buy 60 balloons of one color and 60 balloons of the other, for this specific arch. Try to buy extra balloons, in case that some of them burst.

#3 Structure of the Arch

The balloons need a structure that holds them together forming an arch. The easiest way to solve the problem of the structure is to buy a balloon arch kit. It will contain instructions to put together all the components so that you have a good structure for the balloon arch. It is important to check the size of the arch because it could be a small one that you put on top of a table, and you will need smaller balloons for that.

There are many other possible structures that can hold a balloon arch. If you are putting the arch in an exterior place where there will be wind, you will need a strong structure that can hold the balloons together. In this case you can use a strong wire structure anchored to something heavy on both ends, like buckets of gravel or sand. You may even need to tie a fishing line from the upper part of the arch to something solid, like a post or a tree branch, for greater stability.

If you are placing the arch in an interior place where there is no wind, you can simply use a long ribbon to tie the balloons together and tie something heavy on both ends of the arch, like a piece of wood. By placing both ends together, the arch will be formed. If the balloons contain normal air inside, the arch would have to be placed against a wall. If the balloons contain helium, it can stand on its own.

Build the Balloon Arch

#1 Blow Up the Balloons

Blowing up 120 balloons is a very tiring task. You will probably need a balloon inflator for the job. Using a balloon inflator, blow up the balloons until they measure about 9 inches in diameter. You can check their measurement by placing two chairs, separated by the diameter of the balloons, placing each balloon between the chairs, and letting the air out until it can pass between the chairs. Once you have two balloons of the correct size, tie them together by their tails, forming a pair. After that, tie two pairs by their tails so that they form groups of four balloons. [See more how long do balloons stay inflated].

#2 How to Arrange the Colors of the Balloons

When you are forming the groups of four balloons, you have to consider the color that each balloon needs to have. If you want to create an arch with friezes of colors that alternate perpendicular to the length of the arch, the four balloons will have to be of the same color. However, if you want to create an arch with two colors that rotate around it forming a helix, tie two pairs of balloons of different colors and arrange them so that they have the same colors in opposite ends.

#3 Tie the Balloon to the Structure

If you are using a balloon arch kit, build the structure following the instructions of the manufacturer. Then, place each group of four balloons onto the structure, so that the knot touches the structure. In order to attach them to the structure, rotate one balloon over the next one, once or twice. Repeat this process for all the groups of balloons. This strategy also works for wire structures.

If you want to use a ribbon to tie together the balloons, start by making a knot onto a solid object, like a chair. Then, press a group of four balloons against the knot on the chair and move the ribbon around each balloon. Next put the following group of four balloons against the first, rotate it, press it against the first group, and move the ribbon around two adjacent balloons, forming the figure eight. By pressing them somewhat hard, the arch will be strongly tied together. Repeat this process until the all the balloons are tied together. When you are done and have a long line of balloons, untie the knot on the chair and tie something heavy in both ends of the arch. A piece of wood can be a good option. By placing both ends together on the floor, the arch will be formed.

#4 Placing the Arch in Place

The final step is to place the arch in its location. If the structure came with the balloon arch kit, place it where the instructions indicate. If the arch has a wire structure, it can go anywhere you want, but try to tie the upper part of the arch to something solid so that it has more stability. If it has a ribbon structure and the balloons are filled with normal air, it has to be placed against a wall in the interior of a room. If it has a ribbon structure and the balloons are filled with helium, you can place the arch anywhere inside a room. You can even move it around the room during the party.


Balloon arches are a very interesting decoration for a party and they are very simple to build. There is a great variety of options to choose from, depending on your needs. It is one of the most entertaining ways to prepare a party and start having fun before the party even starts.

What to look for when choosing best carbon steel wok?

Carbon Steel woks are by far the most popular woks which certainly make your life easier. A carbon steel wok is one of the essential products for every kitchen. There is more than one work that carbon steel woks can do such as boiling, pan-frying, steaming, smoking, braising, stir frying, deep frying… Carbon steel is also a durable metal that makes the wok lightweight and pliable.

It will take some serious consideration when choosing the best carbon steel wok. Besides the main function of them, small aspects that also make the difference between the random wok and the wok has been chosen with great care

#1  Design bottom

There are two kinds of carbon steel work’s bottom: flat and round bottoms. Unfortunately, each shape of wok is offer and works perfectly with only one purpose.

If you are using a gas stovetop in your kitchen, then you should buy a wok with round bottoms. In contrast, if you have induction ranges, electric stoves or flat grills, so a flat bottom is a good choice for you

#2 Quality

The most important thing you must consider before buying your wok is how fast this carbon steel pan conducts heat to food! You should consider if it conducts heat well so it heats up quickly and evenly or not?

Otherwise, having a highly durable and long-lasting will make it the best carbon steel wok to buy. If the wok has corrosion free or rust free features, you can use it for a long since.

#3 Worth

You should consider the budget to buy your carbon steel. A quality pan with more function is always good. But if your budget is not too much and just for home use, so consider a wed with a small size and it is better to balance the quality and your budget.

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How Long Do Crested Geckos Live?

Crested geckos are popular as one of the most chosen animals as pets nowadays. Crested geckos are small, easy-going, docile and do not cost much. In addition, crested geckos also have a long lifespan like the other big pets such as dogs and cats.

Once you decide to keep a crested gecko as a pet, you won’t be disappointed since it can be a long-term commitment with you and a friend will by your side for decades.

Crested geckos lifespan in the natural

Since crested geckos first re-discovered in 1994, people still do not explore their lifespan in the natural because there are lots of dangers such as disease and predators might come to them.

Crested geckos are believed to live for 4-5 years in the natural and most of them die in the first year. We cannot determine the age of crested geckos after they have grown fully.

Crested gecko lifespan in enclosure

How long do crested geckos live? Under proper care, crested geckos could usually live up to 15-20 years. They can go with you for a long period of your lifetime, about two decades.

So you have to ensure that you are ready to provide them a good condition before you take them home,

A female crested gecko tends to live a shorter life than a male one, this probably due to the effects of breeding on her health.  Although in the captivity your crested geckos would be safer than in the wild since they won’t be exposed to the predator.

However, if the keepers do not know how to properly care for them, or do not give them a good environment with a well-balanced diet, crested gecko may have a risk of decreased lifespan.

Tips for prolonging crested geckos lifespan

Buying your geckos from a reputable breeder or pet shop, so you can ensure that you have the healthy baby gecko and know well about their species.

Feeding your geckos with a well-balanced diet that enough nutrient, vitamin, calcium. Providing fruit and fatty worms just as a treat that not regularly.

Contact the vet whenever your crested gecko gets sick or any health problem.

Never hold your crested geckos by their tail, they can be stress and drop this tail.

Provide them the tank that has enough space for all activities.

How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated

Balloons are, in their own right, the centerpiece of any celebratory occasion. It is the main visual when you make balloon arches. They are easy to set up and inflate, either by blowing air into them with your mouth or utilizing an air pump for balloons and a balloon blower to air them up. So either natural air or helium will suffice. However, air and helium produce different results. Helium will make your balloons floatable, but your balloons will only stay inflated for a few hours. Whereas air can stay in for weeks.

So if you want to prepare for whatever celebration beforehand, the best option is air, as opposed to helium.

  • Foil balloons are superior to latex balloons, in that, it will stay inflated for weeks, compared to latex which will only give you the benefit of a few hours.

#1 Two Main Types Of Balloons

  • This one is made out of a substance called Mylar – a more versatile plastic consisting of polyester polyethylene, keeping air or helium locked in for longer.
  • Because they are so permeable, air and helium escape faster than the foil balloons.

#2 Which Is Best Air or Helium

  • This is a very dense element. As such, depending on the type of balloon, how long the air stays trapped will be dictated by its material makeup.
  • The elements that cause balloons to float are helium, which has smaller molecules than air, as such, allow the air to escape faster, causing the balloons to deflate more rapidly.

#3 Variables In Flatable Time

There are many factors that come into play to keep your balloons inflated for longer. For example, the size and quality of the balloon will also be a deciding factor for how long they stay full and pumped. A 12-inch latex balloon will stay full for about 7 to 10 hours depending on the environment, indoors or outdoors.

Foil balloons can last anywhere from 30 hours to a couple of weeks, depending on size and quality. As you can see both types of balloons, foil & latex has there strong and weak points. What it comes down to is your unique situation and the different elements you expose them to.

With foil balloons, you simply fill them with air or helium and you have the benefit of them staying inflated for up to a couple of weeks. However, with latex balloons, you need to prime it beforehand to prevent helium from escaping, and also to get a longer inflated and floatable lifespan out of it.

What you would do is you would coat the inside with a material called Hi-Float before you fill it with helium. Another option is you can buy higher quality latex balloons to offset the difference. For hot and humid days, opt for bigger ones and don’t under inflate them, tie a tight knot, and you’re good to go for another day or two. So how long do balloons stay inflated, well, it’s situational, meaning hot or cold weather, size of balloons, quality, air or helium.


Balloons are an exciting visual element of any occasion. To reap the full benefit of it, get quality ones and keep your timing right before inflating them with air or helium, you don’t want saggy decorations ruining the look and feel of your celebrations.

Things You Should Know About Leopard Gecko Diet

Before deciding to get the leopard geckos as pets, it is necessary to know about their diet. A well-balanced diet is the main secret to keeping your leopard geckos live longer and happier.

Leopard gecko diet, feeding schedule, the amount of food and supplements will change base on their species, age, preferences, state of health, etc. This post is a short guide for leopard gecko diet and some feeding leopard gecko advice.

Basic information about leopard geckos diet

Leopard geckos diet is quite simple since they only eat live insects. Leopard geckos will eat what are wiggles or move in front of them. Unlike the other pet, leopard geckos do not prefer to eat commercial food, powder food, and prepared food.

There are two things you should note about leopard gecko food. Finding the dry airy place to store these food supplies. And do not forget to improve the nutritional value of each meal by dusting or gut loading the insects before you feed them to your leopard gecko.

Note: The leopard geckos’ digestive system may be affected by the lighting system you are using. So look for the best UVB light for leopard gecko with appropriate light intensity and color so as not to disturb the digestive system and affect their health.

How often to feed your leopard gecko?

Leopard geckos feeding schedule depending on their health, activity level and age. The young leopard geckos that are growing need to be fed every day with at least 4 to 8 insects.

Adult leopard geckos when they reach 18 months old, they can be fed for about 3 to 4 times per week and at least 5 to 10 insects per meal.

The ideal time for feeding leopard gecko should be early in the evening. This is the time when they wake up and start hunting. If you feed them in the daytime, they might not be awake and eat less than normal.

How to feed a leopard gecko?

There are lots of insects that can be chosen as leopard gecko’s staple food. You should aim for a variety of diets. Do not feed them with only one species of insects. It is better to mix different kinds of feeders.

Providing the food bowl for them in the tank. This bowl should be shallow enough for leopard gecko easy to access but also deep enough so insects cannot be able to escape.

Leopard geckos have the risk of obesity. They contain the excess fat in their tails. By observing their tail, you can know if your geckos are obese or not in order to regulate their amount of foods.

What food can bearded dragons eat?

We all know that bearded dragons are omnivorous lizards, which means they can eat both plant and animal-based proteins. A normal adult bearded dragon should have a diet including 80% fruits and vegetables and only 20% of insects. So what food can bearded dragons eat?

Can a bearded dragon eat apples? Yes, they can eat an apple as long as you peel the skin off and cut the apple into medium pieces for a bearded dragon to eat. Because apples have rich nutrition, free of cholesterol. You just need to remember that do not over-feed apples under-6-month old bearded dragon.

Can a bearded dragon eat spinach? Yes, they can. You should feed them spinach for once or twice per week. Cutting and do not over-feed spinach. It is a high level of Insoluble fiber are contained in spinach which can improve the digestive system.

Can bearded dragons eat bananas? Although beardies love bananas, but bananas are not really good for them. They still can eat bananas for one or twice per month but you should not feed them more than 100 grams at once time. Can baby bearded dragons eat banana? A baby has small stomachs and you should not fill them up by food that less nutritional value.

Can bearded dragons eat bell peppers? May your bearded dragon does not love bell pepper but they are goof supplement for their diet. Due to bell pepper contains lots of water and rich in vitamins.

Can bearded dragons eat boiled eggs? Boiled eggs should not be the main food for bearded dragons. Eggs have a high level of protein so it is may good to feed for baby, not an adult. Can bearded dragons eat hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs? The best way for bearded dragon easy digestive eggs is to cook it to reach a hard-boiled level.

Can bearded dragons eat bread? Absolutely not, this food will expand in bearded dragon stomach and lead come risk of health issues for your pet.

Can bearded dragons eat celery? Yes, the bearded dragon can eat both stalks and leaves of raw celery but you should finely chop the celery before your dragons eat it.

Can bearded dragons eat cat food? This food has been designed for the diet of a cat. So bearded dragons cannot it that food. They require different diets.

Can bearded dragons eat dragon fruit? Dragon fruit has much amount of phosphorus and also too acidic for bearded dragons to eat, make them difficult to digest.

Can bearded dragons eat grapes? Grapes contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, high in fiber, which are the good elements of their diet. But this also has a high level of sugar and oxalates therefor this is should not be fed by your pet regularly.

Can bearded dragons eat mushrooms? No, they cannot. Mushrooms have a very disproportionate amount of phosphorus compared to calcium content, which makes it hard to digest.

Can bearded dragons eat oranges? No, they should not eat any oranges. Oranges contain a high level of sugar and acid, which causes the risk of the digestive system.

Can bearded dragons eat potatoes?  You can feed potatoes for bearded dragons but you should be careful because the excessive ratio of calcium and phosphorus is not good.

Can bearded dragons eat raspberries? You can offer them raspberries occasionally because they are rich in vitamin C, K. Can bearded dragons eat strawberries? Like most other fruits, strawberries safe if eating in moderation.

Can bearded dragons eat tomatoes? Bearded dragons can eat tomatoes but not very often, if not they can make your bearded dragon ill.

Can bearded dragons get high? They might get high if you feed them something like weed or some bud. But you should let them avoid these things. That is not a fun high. These things make them disorient, slow down and cause the dead is possible.

All About the Best Marijuana Seeds

Are you looking for marijuana seeds? In this article, we shall have an overview of the best marijuana seeds. Below are the things to look for to ensure that you end up with the best marijuana seeds.

#1 Delivery

Secure Delivery is the most practical aspect you should find in your marijuana seed. Perfect marijuana seeds should be delivered for free and very cautiously.

#2 Strain

You need to go for a strain that works well with your taste. A good measure of quality is the legitimate awards for excellence a brand has ever won.

#3 Yield

One more factor you might want to consider about your cannabis seed is the amount of cannabis it could give you if it were legitimate to produce it. Yield is usually quantified in grams and is calculated by the median return the breeder gets.

#4 THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) percentage

This is the main psychoactive component of fully grown cannabis which originates from marijuana seeds.

#5 How much growing space do you have?

Remember, different seeds will grow differently. These varying factors of growth include root size and the genetic structure of the plant.

#6 The price of the seed

Of course, you do not want to pick the seed that will leave you with no money for food. Choose marijuana seeds whose price works so well within your budget.

#7 Aroma

Where aroma is concerned, you are free to choose between types that have a shouting aroma and those that have a low-key aroma,

#8 Purpose

Different marijuana plants will have different uses which range from soothing to sleep, curing migraine, reducing pain and many more other applications.

Indeed, selecting the type of marijuana you want for you is a very critical exercise which, of course, starts with choosing marijuana seeds. Putting all the above considerations in place will guarantee you are getting the best marijuana seeds. All the best. Good luck!